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November 15 - Australian Jason Donovan, who impressed not only Europe, German star Lian Ross and legendary Thomas Anders from one of the most successful groups in the history of pop music, Modern Talking, will perform in Lithuania for the first time in Švyturios Arena!

After the series "Neighbors" - a career in London

After long negotiations, the owner of an exceptional voice from Australia - Jason Sean Donovan - who has sold more than three million albums in Britain alone, is coming to Lithuania for the first time!

Jason's four singles, one of them "Especially For You" recorded with one of Australia's biggest stars Kylie Minoque, stayed in the first places of the UK charts for a long time.

Born on June 1968, 1, the musician's album "Ten Good Reasons" has sold more than one and a half million copies, and for the past year Jason has been successfully continuing his career on the UK stage as a musical vocalist, and around the world - as a singer and actor.

This was also influenced by Melbourne-born Jason's father, Terence Donovan, who after his singing career was a famous Australian actor, having played roles in the popular police series "Division 4", as well as in the soap opera "Neighbours", where cousin Stephanie McIntosh is still filming in one of the main roles.

A graduate of De La Salle College, Jason also initially rose to fame with the TV series Neighbors. After leaving the series in 1989, Jason moved to Europe, to London, where he works as an actor and singer. True, acting and more than twenty roles did not bring him fame, however, "Neighbors" helped him make friends with Kylie Minoque, who also played there, where the two of them recorded the song "Stock, Aitken&Waterman" for the record company PWL.

After that, Jason recorded several singles aimed at teenagers and had a hit with Kylie Minoque's "Especially for You", which went to number one in the UK and number two in Australia. They graced a single cover together, dated for a while as a couple, and with the release of Ten Good Reasons, Too Many Broken Hearts and a remake of Sealed with a Kiss, Jason Donovan became a pop star.

15 of his songs reached the top of the UK charts, but the third studio album "All Around The World" did not see the light of day in his homeland.

Although his song "Any Dream Will Do" performed in the musical "Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat" enters the main throne of the Olympus of British types, he appears in art films.

Donated 200 thousand pounds

His career was severely hampered by a drug problem, although Jason admitted in 1999 that he still smoked a little marijuana and used cocaine.

But thanks to his three children and his wife Angela Malloch, with whom he has been together since 1997, he managed to cope with the difficulties, starring in the popular intellectual ABC in Australia in the series "MDA (Medical Defense Australia), actively participates in musical projects, in the musical "Chitty Chitty Bang Bang" based on Ian Lancaster Fleming's children's book on the London Palladium stage, participates in concerts, again in the musical-opera "Sweeney Todd", and after the end of the tour returned to Melbourne, where he played one of the main roles in the Australian London drama Festen.

Recently, he "sold" his voice to voice the game "Buzz!" on the game console "Playstation", he is again participating in the musical - this time "Priscilla - queen of the desert" (Priscilla Queen of Desert), which is very successful at the Palace Theater.

Coming to Lithuania for the first time, Jason, gifted with a wonderful voice, chooses projects responsibly, he made it to the final three of the popular TV show "I'm A Celebrity, Get Me Out Of Here!", and donated about 200 pounds won for paid telephone voting to the Oxford Children's Hospital.

Fun Factory member with many aliases

Currently living on the Spanish island of Mallorca, German singer and composer Josephine Hiebel, known worldwide under the stage name Lian Ross, was a member of the popular group "Fun Factory".

Her musical career began when she met the Spanish music manager, sound engineer Luiz Rodriguez Salazar and later her husband, known for his collaboration with the band Modern Talking. 

Initially under the pseudonym Josy, she recorded her first two singles "Do The Rock" and "I Know", followed by "Mama Say", "Magic".

1985 Josephine becomes Lian Ross and releases the singles "Fantasy" and "Say You'll Never" and under the pseudonym "Creative Connection" "Call My name", "Scratch My Name" and the Modern Talkin's super hit "You' re My Heart, You're My Soul remake.

In the following year, she releases another hit - "It's Up To You", which together with "Fantasy" stayed at the top of the German charts and dance floors for many months, soon the single "Nevereding Love", already as "Creative Connection" - "Don't Yuo" Go Away' again as Lian Ross - Say Say Say, several remakes.

Her songs have also become the soundtracks of several films, Lian releases songs under the pseudonyms Dana Harris (funk, soul music), Divina (house, apparently) or Tears n'Joy (dance music).

In 1991-1993, she releases several more successful remakes ("Gimme Gimme Gimme", "Rhythm is a Dancer", "All That She Wants"), after a few more hits she dives into writing lyrics, collaborates with other artists and as " Tears n'Joy records the album Enjoy.

After moving to Spain, where her husband founded Studio 33, she participates in various projects, performs with Fun Factory and releases two albums, Next Generation and ABC of Music. In 2003, in another album, "Are You Ready", the Spanish flavor can be felt.

Later, he participates in various projects, as well as with various artists, at the festival together with Gazebo and Eddy Wata as Lian Ross, reminds himself with the songs "Say You'll Never" and "Scratch My Name", releases several compilations, in 2013 the first official album "I Got The Beat", 2016 the second - "And The Beat Goes On" and three years ago the third - 3L.

His song reigned supreme even in 81 countries

After winning the Luxembourg Radio Song Contest in 1979, Bernd Weidung, known to everyone in the world as Thomas Anders, soon recorded his single "Judy" and during a concert tour met Dieter Bohlen, who made the charming CC Catch famous.

With the group "Modern Talking", Thomas released a lot of songs that reached the top five of the charts of dozens of countries around the world, and the super hit "You're My Heart, You're my Soul" stayed at the top of the charts for half a year and reigned in as many as 81 countries!

In 1989, Thomas released his first solo album "Different" and started a successful solo career, collaborating with "T-Seven" (soloist of Mr. President), "No Angels", Marta Sanchez, Isabel Varell, Glenn Madeiros, famous event organizers and managers Mike Paxman (worked with Nick Kamen), Christian de Walden (Amanda Lear), Ralf Stemmann (Ricky Martin) and many others.

Glory also across the Atlantic

Thomas Anders works successfully in Europe, he was given a single by the duet of the famous group "Roxette", he writes songs himself. One of them, "Dance In Heaven", was recorded by Thomas after a conversation with Ethel, an elderly fan he met a few years ago. During the phone conversation, the woman was struggling to find words, and Thomas, realizing that he would never hear her voice again, wrote this wonderfully sad song.

In 1994, in America, Thomas released the album "Barcos de Cristal" in Spanish for the Latin American market, which reached the top of the hit parades in Argentina. Soon after, the pop legend wrote the theme song for Spanish music star Marta Sanchez to the popular local series Tal Vez, which became a number one hit in Mexico.

Thomas also works under the pseudonyms Chris Copperfield, Phantomass, and includes jazz numbers in his programs.

In 1998, after the unexpected rebirth of Modern Talking, at the same time Thomas works alone, organizes impressive concerts in the USA, as well as a huge one in Europe with the group Scorpions, records an acoustic album with an orchestra, and in March of last year released his 17th studio album Cosmic ", participates in various projects, the popular musical TV show "Mask".

Everyone is born to be happy

And now, in all corners of the world, the "grabbing" singer has sold more than 125 million copies of albums, counting group and solo records, received more than 420 platinum and gold awards!

Despite his enormous success and more than 40 years of experience in the music business, Thomas Anders always remains himself, his fans around the world admire the authenticity and sincerity of the star that he radiates in his concerts.

"I used to get into big accidents all the time, but I always stayed healthy, I was born under a lucky star," he admitted in a magical musical fairy tale with Lian Ross and Jason Donovan, November 15. In Klaipėda, for which tickets are already sold on, musical legend Thomas Anders will perform with his most famous works. - After each incident, I thought about the meaning of life and realized that it is necessary to love the world, enjoy being, and spread positive energy. Problems? We will die and they will be gone. Therefore, let's not get caught up in them, because we are all born to be happy."

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