Arena Rules


1.1. COMPANY – "Švyturio Arena" manager UAB "Klaipėdos Arena".

1.2. "Švyturio Arena" (hereinafter - Arena), a multifunctional entertainment and sports complex that meets international standards, is characterized by versatile use and provides various entertainment services to visitors.

1.3. VISITOR - every person who has a ticket, invitation or other document giving the right to enter the Arena, who uses the services provided by the Arena.

1.4. ARENA ADMINISTRATION – Company employees who administer the Arena both during the Events and outside of the Events.

1.5. CAR PARKING LOT is a parking lot managed by the Company, the scheme and address of which is indicated on the Company's website

1.6. LOCKER - a room where visitors' outerwear is stored during the Event. Cloakroom service - free of charge.

1.7. EVENT - an organized public or closed gathering of people, an action - a concert, performance, celebration, fair, competition, etc., the form of which cannot be attributed to the concept of assembly (rally, picket, demonstration, civic action, etc.).

1.8. ORGANIZER OF THE EVENT (hereinafter referred to as the Organiser), a company, institution, organization, legal or natural person registered in accordance with the law of the Republic of Lithuania (an active person of the Republic of Lithuania who is at least 18 years of age, who organizes an event of the type specified in point 1.7 of these rules and is responsible for the sound of the organized event, quality of light etc.

1.9. SECURITY EMPLOYEE - an employee of the security service and/or security unit performing personal and property security.

1.10. SERVICE PERSONNEL - persons who do not perform the functions of the Company's administration, but serve the Company and its needs (eg: controller, dresser, cleaner, etc.).

1.11. ROTARY GATE (hereinafter - Gate) – this is an entrance device in the form of a rotary cross for visitors to pass one by one, activated after scanning a ticket.


2.1. Arena parking is free.

2.2. The Arena parking lot has spaces for disabled Arena Visitors, which are marked with special signs.

2.3. In the Arena parking lot, traffic is carried out with marked road signs and a maximum speed of 20 km/h. speed, as stipulated in the Road Traffic Rules.

2.4. To ensure public order and security, the outdoor area of ​​the Arena and the Arena parking lot are monitored by video cameras.

2.5. The following are prohibited in the parking lot:

  • wash and/or clean the vehicle/s;
  • leave heavy vehicles, tourist cars and/or tourist trailers parked for more than 1 (one) day;
  • to carry out any commercial, advertising, campaigning activities without prior agreement with the Arena administration and without obtaining its written permission.

2.6. The Company has the right to temporarily and/or partially close the Parking Lot without prior notice.

2.7. The Arena Administration is not responsible for the safety of the Visitor's vehicles and their belongings. The Arena administration shall notify the law enforcement authorities of any incident that violates the laws of the Republic of Lithuania and/or an accident in which a person or his and/or the Arena's material property is injured.


3.1. To ensure security, the Arena has a video surveillance system that records Visitors and their actions.

3.2. On the day of the Event, the doors of the arena are opened 1 (one) hour before the scheduled start of the Event, unless the Event organizer provides otherwise.

3.3. The visitor has the right to enter the Arena only with a valid ticket and/or invitation, and/or the permission of the Arena administration, and/or according to the procedure provided by the Organizer.

3.4. The visitor scans the ticket and/or invitation by attaching it to the electronic reader installed together with the Turnstile. If the ticket and/or the invitation cannot be read, please contact any member of the service staff.

3.5. For your own safety and that of your children, we recommend that visitors with young children (under 5 years old) take their children in their arms when passing through the Gate.

3.6. The control of the visitor's passage before entering the Arena is carried out by a security guard and this is a mandatory condition that ensures the safety of every Arena Visitor. During the inspection procedure, the Security guard has the right to search the Visitor and his clothes, handbag and other items, which, in the Security guard's reasonable opinion, raise suspicion of possible and/or probable danger.

3.7. The security guard has the right to deny entry to a Visitor who refuses to be checked and/or who:

  • does not meet the age limit set by the Organizer and does not prove it with documents;
  • attempts to enter the Event without a ticket or other document;
  • attempts to enter the Event with a falsified and otherwise invalid ticket and/or other invalid document;
  • is under the influence of alcoholic beverages and/or psychotropic substances;
  • is declared as unsolicited by the organizer;
  • poses a security threat with aggressive behavior towards other Visitors and/or the Arena administration;
  • tries to bring in prohibited items from 3.8. point;
  • are suspected and/or have committed violations of public order, have been punished for inappropriate behavior and/or criminal activity in the Arena and its approaches.

3.8. List of prohibited items/objects:

  • animals brought/brought to the Arena;
  • poisonous and psychotropic substances;
  • weapons, sharp objects and explosives;
  • cameras and video cameras, if the Organizer prohibits filming or photography;
  • fireworks, flares, gas bombs and/or other pyrotechnics;
  • bottles, cups, cans of any kind and other products made of plastic, glass or any hard brittle material;
  • other items that are prohibited by the Organizers and/or the Arena administration, and that may pose a danger to others.


4.1. The ticket and/or other document granting the right to enter the Arena must be kept by the Visitor until the end of the Event. The ticket format can be paper or electronic. The ticket must contain clear Event data including the location, time, name of the event and a digital code that can be read by an electronic scanner. Another permission to enter the Arena is possible if the Organizer provides for it.

4.2. The Arena administration and/or the Event organizer reserves the right to offer alternative seating and/or standing places to observe the Event than provided in the Ticket, ensuring that the standing and/or sitting places will not have worse visibility and/or a lower monetary value than the monetary value of the Ticket held by the Visitor. Alternative seats will be selected by the Arena administration and/or the Event organizer from currently unsold and/or otherwise unoccupied seats.

4.3. Only one Visitor can use 1 (one) and the same ticket at the same time, which must be kept until the end of the Event.

4.4. The security guard and/or Service staff at the entrance may ask to present an ID together with the Ticket if the format of the Event is age-restricted and/or if it is a Ticket that provides a discount for persons with social support (disabled persons, pensioners, students, etc.) .

4.5. The Arena administration does not ensure or guarantee a seat for the Arena Visitor who does not keep a valid ticket and/or other document indicating his seat during the Event until the end of the Event.

4.6. The Arena administration has the right to confiscate legal and illegal tickets and/or permits, and/or other documents that give the right to enter the Arena and/or the Event, transferred and/or sold to others
to persons who do not have the right to use them.


5.1. All children who want to enter the Arena must have a Ticket/invitation and/or other permission to enter the Arena, except in cases where the Organizer provides otherwise.

5.2. The security guard and/or the service staff at the entrance have the right to request the Visitor's identity document proving his age, if the Organizer provides free entry to the Event for children under the specified age or if the format of the Event is limited by the age limit.

5.3. The Arena administration recommends assessing the content and format of the Event while transferring responsibility to parents/guardians and/or the person accompanying the child for the possible long-term and/or short-term health impairment of young children due to loud music played during the Event and/or special effects used in the Event.

5.4. The person accompanying them, their parents or guardians is responsible for the safety of young children in the Arena and/or at its entrances.

5.5. The person accompanying the child, his parents or guardians is responsible for the damage caused to the property of the Arena and must compensate for the losses.


6.1. To ensure security, the Arena has a video surveillance system that records Visitors and their actions.

6.2. A visitor who has arrived at the Event has the right to occupy only the seat in the Arena that is specified in the ticket and/or invitation in his possession, which gives the right to enter the Arena and watch the Event there (Reference to clause 4.3).

6.3. The behavior of the visitor must not cause harm, pose a threat to himself or others.

6.4. The Arena administration is not responsible for limited visibility during the Event, if the Visitor sitting and/or standing in front of you is taller, bigger and/or restricts your visibility in other ways and actions.

6.5. The Arena administration recommends evaluating the content and format of the Event while transferring responsibility to the Visitor for possible long-term and/or short-term health problems due to loud music played during the Event and/or special effects used in the Event.

6.6. During the event, the Visitor must:

  • behave in a civilized manner and do not use profanity and do not violate the rules of public behavior;
  • not to disturb or disturb other Visitors, not to damage or break the internal and external equipment of the Arena;
  • not to shout, not to throw various objects into the stands and/or into the hall/field and/or otherwise not to disrupt the course of the event taking place in the Arena;
  • do not light fires, do not allow fireworks, rockets and bombs or other pyrotechnics;
  • not to climb on the chair and/or its frame, fence, structures, devices and other objects, where it is possible to injure and/or otherwise suffer and harm others and/or damage the property of the Arena;
  • not to walk during sports events on the basketball, ring and other grounds set up for the participants of the Event;
  • not to walk in service rooms, participants' dressing rooms and other areas of the Arena prohibited to Visitors;
  • not to obstruct or restrict the entry and exit of Arena visitors, staff and Event participants;
  • not to stand and/or sit in the stands on the stairs, obstructing the free movement of other Visitors, Staff and Participants;
  • do not draw, write, paint or fix any elements on chairs, walls, railings, etc.;
  • do not harm or threaten the safety, health and life of yourself and other Visitors.


7.1. Bringing and consuming your own food and drinks into the Arena is prohibited (unless it is necessary for health and/or medical reasons, upon presentation of a doctor's note).

7.2. 1 (one) hour before the event and during the Event, depending on the format of the Event, there are bars in the Arena where you can buy soft drinks and snacks.

7.3. In the bars operating in the arena, you can ONLY pay by bank card.

7.4. For the sake of the customer's safety, when the Visitor buys drinks in the Bars, drinks in screw-top plastic bottles will be sold without corks, and in metal cans and/or glass containers, any type of drinks will be transferred to disposable or reusable containers.

7.4. Bar service personnel, in case of suspicion regarding the age of the Visitor, may, in accordance with the Alcohol Control Law of the Republic of Lithuania, request an identity document when purchasing alcoholic beverages.


8.1. Smoking is prohibited inside the arena, with the exception of incandescent devices and electronic cigarettes, which can be used in a designated area marked with special signs.

8.2. The Visitor may smoke regular cigarettes and other tobacco only in the outdoor area.


9.1. Visitors are strictly prohibited from:

  • advertising paraphernalia and provide other commercial and non-commercial services without the separate consent of the Arena administration;
  • and other services without the separate consent of the Arena administration.


10.1. The outerwear storage service provided by the locker rooms operating in the arena is free of charge;

10.2. Outerwear that is transferred for storage must have a sewn-in hanger for hanging;

10.3. Phones, handbags, hats and other similar items are not accepted for storage in the locker rooms;

10.4. After handing over the Outerwear to the Dressing Room, the Visitor must receive a Dressing Room number;

10.5 Upon losing the Locker Room number, the Visitor must inform the Locker Room staff and/or the Arena administration.

10.6 For those who have lost their locker number, Outerwear will be returned to the Visitor only after all other Visitors have left the Arena, signing the relevant document, which records the loss and/or loss of the locker number, the return of the Visitor's Outerwear and the details of the money transfer-acceptance act;

10.7. The Visitor shall pay a fine of EUR 6,00 (six euros, 00 ct.) for a lost Rūbinė number, as the Company's minimum compensation for the order and production of the number.


11.1. The Arena administration has the right to unilaterally change the general visitor behavior rules of the Švyturis Arena without notifying the Visitors;

11.2. Additions or changes to the rules take effect from the date of their publication, i.e. from the day they are placed on the website


  • Persons who do not comply with the rules set by the Common Space are not admitted to the Arena and/or removed from the Arena without a separate warning. For a Visitor removed from the Arena, the money for the purchased Tickets, if the event is paid, is not returned;
  • Continuous video surveillance is carried out in the indoor and outdoor areas of the lighthouse arena in order to ensure the protection of property and property rights of you, the company and employees, public order and a safe environment during events and non-events;
  • During the ongoing events, photographs and videos may be taken, and as a result of these actions, your image may be recorded in photos and/or videos, which Arena undertakes to use only for public information purposes, on social media accounts and on the website, without violating your honor and dignity. Arena collects, processes and stores your personal data in accordance with the personal data processing requirements established in the LR ADTAĮ and other legal acts regulating the processing of personal data;
  • Violations of public order and Arena rules are punished in accordance with the laws in force in the Republic of Lithuania;
  • Every Visitor who enters the Arena automatically confirms that he is familiar with the rules of conduct of the Arena and undertakes to comply with them.